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Open Letter

August 9, 2021

Ordinary HazardsAs many of you know, Ordinary Hazards, my memoir in verse, is being contested in the Leander School District, Leander, Texas. I was shocked and saddened to learn that a story that is ultimately about triumph over darkness, the power of faith, and the power of the written word, was being removed from the district's book club lists. Is Ordinary Hazards a difficult story? Yes. It's a story that touches on the dark side of foster care, on abuse, on a parent's alcoholism and mental illness, and on childhood trauma. But it's also a true tale filled with grace, love, and lessons in the power of poetry. Ultimately, Ordinary Hazards is a story of hope.

Thankfully, few readers who come to this story will have experienced the range of challenges I confronted in my childhood. That said, there is value in their reading a story like mine. If nothing else, Ordinary Hazards gives readers proof that, no matter what obstacles they might face in their own lives, they can come out on the other side triumphant, healthy, whole, and thriving—just like I did.

It is sad that some would keep young people from reading my story. I'm encouraged to know that many of you agree, and am moved that you have come out in support of Ordinary Hazards. I cannot thank you enough.

Nikki Grimes

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