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At Break ofDay
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At Break of Day
illustrated by Paul Morin
Eerdmans, 1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5104-8

From the book

Once upon a time there was no time.
There was no earth, or sky, or sea.
There was only darkness and the waters of the deep
and a father and son who watched over them.
The son, knowing exactly what was in his father's
heart, asked, "Now, Father?" And the father said,
"Yes, Son. Now." Then the son leaned
over the darkness and softly blew over the waters...
And that's how the universe began.

from At Break of Day
© 1999 by Nikki Grimes

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"A lovely and poetic recasting of the Biblical creation story in a modern spirit, from the versatile Grimes...Father and son create together...There are whimsical touches, e.g., the father calls the waters seas because he likes the sound of it, the stars are made of the son's laughter, and some of them are angels in disguise. Adam and Eve appear in shimmering silhouette, and the final view of the earth echoes the glorious photographs taken from space." Kirkus

"...darkness blows over the waters, a ribbon of tinted loops of rose and purple and gold becomes the sky, the seas fill...and...tenderly, man and woman are made. Illustrating all this in an appropriately unique fashion are Morin's bold, textured illustrations...Overall, a vigorous addition to the Creation canon." Booklist

"My children are almost adults now, but fortunately, a two-year-old has come into my life of late, and I find myself once again prowling the children's section...looking for magic, for lightning in a bottle. I may have found it in At Break of imaginative retelling of the Genesis story...Grimes' words are doubly successful, not only by retelling a familiar story in a fresh, lyrical style, but also by reinterpreting the story in such a way as to build upon it without altering either the spirit or the letter of the original—a remarkable accomplishment." Bookpage

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