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Come Sunday
illustrated by Michael Bryant
Eerdmans, 1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5108-6

From the book

I wish we passed a basket down each row.
That way, only I would know
how many dimes I gave to God
and how many I kept for me...

Daddy says to give whatever God tells me to,
which is what I usually do—
unless I need an ice-cream cone,
and even then, if I'm alone,
I offer God a lick.

from Come Sunday
© 1996 by Nikki Grimes

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"In lively and delicious poetry, accompanied by evocative, full-color illustrations, Nikki Grimes recounts LaTasha's Sunday adventures in Paradise—Paradise Baptist Church, that is. From rising in the morning, to greeting the blue-haired ladies at church, to the soft and powerful voice of the visiting lady preacher, the church offering, a baptism, a church supper, and finally home to bed, Grimes brings the experience of Sundays at church to life. Reverent, funny and wildly energetic all at the same time, this is a wonderful book for introducing children to church life." Publishers Weekly, starred review

"At the end of the long, joy-filled day, LaTasha is sleepy and glad she spent 'another day in Paradise.' ...Whatever their religious background, readers will smile at the jubilation." Kirkus Reviews

"Reading Nikki Grimes' delightful collection of like taking a trip to church through the eyes and mind of a little girl... This little girl's love of church is certainly the kind of experience many parents would hope their own children would have Come Sunday." Detroit Free Press

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