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When Daddy Prays
illustrated by Tim Ladwig
Eerdmans, 2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5152-9

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From the book

I tip Daddy's hat back so I can see
to roll his shirtsleeves like donuts.
Even so, the stripes swallow
my arms down to my wrists...
I hurry to him, drop to my knees
and kneel in his shadow.
I already know what to say—
"Our Father, whose heart is heaven..."

from When Daddy Prays
© 2002 by Nikki Grimes

"Brimming with love and faith, Grimes's poems celebrate a father's devotion as seen through the eyes of his child. Conversational, simple, and deeply moving, they stress the man's reliance on God in all aspects of his life. Whether cheering at a Little League baseball game, waiting anxiously at the school bus stop, comforting a feverish little boy, begging God to guard the neighborhood, or celebrating the New Year at a Watch Night service, Daddy is a fine role model and source of strength for his children...Poignant, beautifully expressed poems with a decidedly Christian slant." SLJ

"With today's seemingly never-ending news coverage of families breaking up and the important role that fathers play in the procedure, this book offers a ray of sunshine for these fathers and their sons...This is a read-aloud, share-together picture book for young readers with messages of hope and love for all ages and genders." The Catholic Observer

"Fourteen graceful poems portray a small boy's relationship with his prayerful father...Each poem in a different cadence fits the mood of the experience...A unique offering for a family read-aloud." Kirkus

"Written in mostly free-verse style, these poems...celebrate a warm and loving relationship between a father and a son who is assured of his dad's love." CBA Marketplace

Best Children's Book of 2002, Association of Theological Booksellers

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