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From a Child's Heart
illustrated by Brenda Joysmith
Just Us Books, 1993
ISBN: 978-0-940975-44-6

From the book

Since we moved here, God
You're the only friend I've got
which is okay, I guess
—or maybe not. I mean,
I sure would like to have a buddy my own size.
I bet You know that, though,
since Mama says You're wise.
Could You give me a new friend?
Someone with a basketball?
You and me will still be friends and all,
But right now,
I need somebody who'll invite me out to play.
Is that okay?

Like the children in this book, when I was a child, I talked to God about my hopes, my fears, my longings, and all the ordinary, everyday concerns that touched my life. I still do. It's awesome to know that the God of the Universe is listening, that He cares, that He understands me, even when no one else does. I needed to know that when I was growing up. I think all children do, whether five years old or fifty. That's the reason I've decided to share the prayers of my childhood with you...

from From A Child's Heart
© 1993 by Nikki Grimes

"To see the world without prejudice, hate or physical pain is to look at the world through a child's eyes. In these short poems, Grimes reveals the hearts and souls of children as they speak one-on-one to the Creator." American Visions

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