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Halfway to Perfect
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Halfway to Perfect
(Book 4 in the Dyamond Daniel series)
illustrated by R. Gregory Christie
Putnam, 2012
ISBN 978-0399251788

About the Book

Dyamonde knows it's what's on the inside that counts!

Dyamonde loves eating her mom's pancakes. Free loves eating . . . period. But lately Damaris just pushes her food around her plate, and Dyamonde suspects it has something to do with the mean things classmates have been saying about people's weight. Damaris wonders if they might be talking about her too. Dyamonde knows that Damaris doesn't have a weight problem and is perfect just the way she is—so now it's time for her to make sure Damaris knows that, too.

In this fourth installment of the award-winning series, Coretta Scott King Award winner Nikki Grimes's lovable Dyamonde Daniel is back, with a timely message about self-acceptance and healthy eating habits—delivered with her trademark spunk.

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“In Halfway to Perfect, Dyamonde’s best friend Damaris starts losing weight when girls in their 3rd grade class make fun of her for being fat. When another classmate faints on the playground because of her diabetes, the kids ostracize her. In this, Nikki Grime’s 4th book in the award-winning Dyamonde Daniel chapter book series, she handles two important issues in the lives of elementary school children with compassion and a light touch.”

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