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It'sRaining Laughter
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It's Raining Laughter
photographs by Myles C. Pinkney
Wordsong / Boyds MillsPress, 2005

From the book

"Yes! I am
rounder than most
which means
there is more of me
to love.
If you're smart
you'll cherish
my portrait
and me, see
how snugly I fit
in the pocket
of your heart."

"Wallet Size" from It's Raining Laughter
© 2005 by Nikki Grimes


"Twelve joyous poems about growing up are filled with music, laughter, and love.Simple childhood pleasures such as running, playing, reading, and remembering are touched on with insight and humor. Full-color photographs of African-American children at work and play are placed on pastel-shaded pages that convey all the exuberance and delight of the selections. A harmonious blend of words and pictures. — School LibraryJournal

"Twelve lively, short poems are accompanied by color photographs of contemporary African American children. Some of Grimes' poems are culturally specific, celebrating the love and pride reflected in children's names, or the signficance of a brown-skinned child seeing herself in the books she reads at the library. The importance if high self-esteem, joy, and laughter in all children's lives is evident in the exuberant mood of the paired poems and photos." — Book Links

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