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Shoe Magic
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Shoe Magic
illustrated by Terry Widener
Orchard Books/Scholastic, 2000
ISBN: 978-0-531-33286-3

From the book

The shoe rack
is stacked
With promise,
What you do,
With dreams Where you go, Up to be
Waiting Who you grow Depends on
To wake. The steps you take.

from Shoe Magic
© 2000 by Nikki Grimes

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"...these poems profile children trying on shoes for the future. Tap shoes for Marc; cleats for Clarice; hiking boots; toe shoes; a nurse's shoes like Dad's for Kyle; sturdy work boots, and more, always making certain to avoid gender stereotypes. Grimes weaves subtle messages of power through her bright, breezy language—'Still, his boots/Hold him steady/Once he's ready/To fix/The world.' Or, in the case of African-American 'Talisha's Toe Shoes', "Someday I'll dance/The Nutcracker/ (My dream too long deferred)./ My arabesque/Will be so fine/They'll redefine the word." The sunny tone is matched in Widener's acrylics with round-headed, rubber-limbed children of all ethnicities wearing oversized footgear, exuberantly dancing, skiing, skating, swimming...playing. Dreamers and doers both will find inspiration here." Kirkus Reviews

"Using their footwear as points of departure, Grimes presents a cycle of poems about kids' everyday lives and dreams for the future. Salena's sandals conjure warm-weather pleasures...while Talisha's toe shoes point to a career in ballet...'Slippers' offers a fitting benediction at the end of a child's busy day: "Rest your soles./Spread your toes./Curl, breathe deep./There now, Dreamer,/Hush...Sleep"... School Library Journal

Bank Street College Best Book of the Year
Nest Literary Classic

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