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Pocketful of Poems
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Thanks a Million
illustrated by Cozbi A.Cabrera
Greenwillow/Amistad, 2006
ISBN: 978-0-688-17292-3

From the book

"Dear Teacher"

If you tutor someone
twice a week
for 3 months, when 2 months have 5 weeks,
and 1 month has 4,
what do you get?
Sparkling blackboards
9 Mondays in a row,
a straightened desk
no less than 16 times,
2 kisses (1 per cheek),
and 1 big, fat THANKS!

Signed, David
who only hates math
1/2 as much
as he used to.

from Thanks a Million
© 2006 by Nikki Grimes

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"Gratitude for simple pleasures and small kindnesses is the theme of Grimes' newest collection of poems. A child thanks his teacher for helping him "hate math 1/2 as much as he used to"; a new boy in school shares his pie with a classmate who welcomes him; a mother sends her daughter an appreciative lunchbox love note; and a young girl writes to an author expressing her appreciation for a book that touched her heart. Grimes employs quite a potpourri of forms and rhyme schemes, including a rebus, matching them carefully to the mood. The poems are presented on one or two-page spreads surrounded by Cabrera's vibrant acrylic paintings that add pop and personality. One can envision this collection stimulating discussions about the need to say "thank you," as well as encouraging young writes to try their hand at expressing their thoughts in poetry. Good job. (Picture book/poetry, 6-10) —Kirkus Reviews

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