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Watercolor is one of my newest explorations into the world of art. Can't wait to get back to art class to do more!
I've been knitting since 1979. My pieces are art-to-wear garments, designed for people who prefer clothing that is one-of-a-kind. I learned to knit when I was living in Sweden, where everyone knits!

I hate to throw away cards and letters. Trouble is, I also hate to throw away wrapping paper, tissue paper, beautiful gift bags, ribbon, magazines ... you get the idea. I decided it was time to get a grip. I'd often toyed with the notion of recycling my stash into new, handmade, cards, so I decided to give it a try. I sorted through my booty, determined which pieces were visually interesting, and tossed the rest. (Yes, it was painful. Don't ask!) Then I sat down with all my goodies, and — Voila! Art Mail. Note Card
Scarf I use natural fibers (silk, wool, cotton, angora) with designer yarns, boucles, handpainted yarns, mohair, etc. I like to play textures and colors off of each other.
I love making these cards! It gives me the opportunity to take otherwise worthless, odd, disposable elements and create something of value, something of beauty. And that's exactly what God does with the odd and sometimes painful pieces of our lives, if we let Him. He uses them to turn each of us into a unique work of art, and isn't that amazing? Note Card
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