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Garvey's Choice paperbackIsn't this new paperback cover eye-catching? I'm stoked about Daniel Minter's art depicting Garvey.  Kirkus Review and School Library Journal named Garvey's Choice "best book of the year"... Look for the paperback on September 14, 2021 at your favorite independent bookseller.

Garvey's Choice
written by Nikki Grimes
WordSong, September 14, 2021
ISBN 978-1492638292

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Off to See the SeaThen, on September 21, 2021, you'll find a new book for teen and adult readers.

Glory in the Margins: Sunday Poems
written by Nikki Grimes
Paraclete Press
ISBN 978-1640606777

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About the Book

A study of scripture reveals that Jesus spent a lot of time with people in the margins. As an African American, Nikki Grimes lives in the margins, and she can tell you that it's a place most of us would rather not be. And yet, she knows there is always glory to be found in the margins because of the Lord's presence in, and with us.

As Poet Laureate of Grace Brethren Church in Southern California, it's Ms. Grimes' job to distill the heart of the weekly sermon into a poem. She dives into each week's chosen scripture, viewing it from her own perspective as Black, as woman, as poet, always a little left of center, and looking for the glory to be found in the margins of life, and of the text. Of course, she says, those of us who live in the margins are not what anyone expects, and the very notion that God might speak through us, may seem a bit wild. But he does. 'I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, ' said the Lord. God's busy in the hearts of all who call on him.

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