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Every now and then, you'll find a new starter-poem that you can finish, or some other poetry challenge on this page.

The other day, I read a story about children who died in the Oklahoma tornado, and it made me cry. It's good to cry, sometimes. When we hurt inside, we need to get those feelings out. One thing that helps me to do that is writing poetry.  Would you like to try? I wrote: 

           I think of Oklahoma
           and my heart cracks
           like thunder,
           my eyes fill
           like rain clouds,

           and I am lost in a flood
           of tears.

I wrote this down, and I started to feel a little bit better. Now I can clear my mind and think about ways I can help the people of Oklahoma. But first, I had to get my feelings out. Poetry lets me do that.

Now it's your turn.  Give it a try, then share what you write with your teacher, your mom, your grandma, your friend. You can even go to my Facebook Fan page, and share it with me!

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