The Chick-Fil-A Fiasco

Posted August 2nd, 2012

speech bubblesThe question must be asked: What is America coming to? A private citizen who owns his own business, albeit a large one, makes a statement about his personal opinion on a hot-button issue, and those who hold a differing point of view respond by organizing a movement to put said citizen out of business. Really? Seriously?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we buried thousands of young men and woman who gave their lives to secure the rights and freedoms all Americans are blessed to enjoy? And don’t those rights and freedoms include the freedom of speech? And, unless someone altered the Constitution and all its amendments when I wasn’t looking, that freedom applies to all Americans, not just those with whom we happen to agree. Trust me, I’m none too fond of statements by, say, members of the KKK, with regard to their opinions of Black folk. However, as hateful as I might find their speech, I acknowledge their constitutional right to it.

The simple fact that we disagree with someone’s stated opinion, no matter how vociferously, does not give us some sort of moral high ground to threaten their livelihood. And, do keep in mind, we’re talking about a private citizen, here, not someone holding public office, serving at the federal, state, or even city level. Nor are we talking about someone in a position to legislate public policy. The brouhaha might make a bit more sense if we were. As it is, what this situation boils down to, in my humble opinion, is one set of Americans hammering another American for having the audacity to express a personal opinion contrary to their own. If we keep down this road, we won’t have to worry about enemies from without. We’ll be doing a pretty bang-up job of sabotaging ourselves from within.

If you don’t like the opinion of Chick-Fil-A’s CEO, or anyone else, for that matter, feel free to say so—even loudly, if you must. But once you’ve made your point of view clear, for goodness sake, move on. This is America, after all, remember? Everybody gets to have his say.

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  1. Perfect. I’m also worried about the support for Boston’s mayor’s attempts to block a new Chick-Fil-A from opening. If it’s okay for the government to block a business because the CEO is against gay marriage, then it’s okay for the government to block a business becuase the CEO is pro gay marriage. Why are Americans so quick to give up our freedoms because we have different opinions?

  2. Candi Pierce Garry says:

    I have read a number of blog posts, pro and con, and the issue is rarely about his right to free speech. The crux of the argument is that he gives to organizations that work to deny gay people equality. They support the status quo. While you and I both respect the right of the KKK to spew their intolerance, I doubt that you would support a business that proudly and publicly donated money so the Klan could continue to work against your rights. The difference here is that the Klan has no real power, while social conservatives working to deny gay people full rights (in more than half the states they can be fired for being gay, on top of many other injustices) DO have power and clout and are making headway. For many, they see Chick-fil-a’s donations as working against their OWN liveliehood, and in some cases, lives. It IS that serious!

  3. Thank you for simply and concisely explaining this. I find it puzzling that so often the ones who are so against banning books (I read your next post, too) don’t see that this is basically the same principle.

  4. Brian Goodwin says:

    I do agree wholeheartedly with you. I sense the pain of gays who feel a wall of hate was built, but if we can’t speak, we can’t exist together.

    One thing required no matter what we express, is that we love like Jesus loves. That’s the benchmark I’m looking for.

  5. Amy Schickel says:

    Candi Pierce Garry thanks for presenting the point that the company donating to organizations that work to deny gay and lesbian people equality.

    As, Christians we need to walk in the light and make noise for change to reform the world. Advocating for others is the best way we can demonstrate our Christian love.

    Other important issues politicians who are blocking people of color from voting, the tax breaks for the extremely rich, and immigration reform.

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