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Teacher's Guide
Aneesa Lee and the Weaver's GiftAneesa Lee and the Weaver's Gift
by Nikki Grimes; illustrated by Ashley Bryan
Lothrop/HarperCollins, 1999
ISBN: 0-688-15997-4

If possible, show students an example of a tapestry before reading Aneesa Lee. Discuss the colors the artist chose (and why), the design, and texture. Next, show students the cover of the book and the illustration that follows the "weaving words" page. Brainstorm all the words that students may already be familiar with about weaving like yarn, spinning wheel, thread, and loom. Introduce the other terms if you're working with students in higher grades.
Knowledge 1. Match the vocabulary word to the illustration of it.
2. Copy the sentence where the vocabulary word appears.
3. Which words did you learn because of the context they were written in?Which ones did you need to look at the vocabulary list for?Why?
Comprehension 1. Describe Aneesa Lee in your own words.
2. Explain what weaving means toAneesa Lee. Find an example that makes you think so.
3. Describe Aneesa Lee's family.
Application 1. Decide which illustration is your favorite. Tell why!
2. Choose which poem is your favorite. Why?Is it the rhythm?Does it rhyme?Do you like what it says about Aneesa Lee or her family?
3. Which line do you want to repeat over and again?Can you figure out why?
Analyze 1.

Examine the rhyme scheme in "FamilyGathering."Can you figure it out by giving each line a letter?(Hint: A,A,B, ___, ___)

2. What does the author mean when she says, "The loom connects us all / In a community / Of cloth'"?
3. Decide if the poem "Love is Purple" uses simile or metaphor.
Synthesize 1. Ms.Grimes wrote thirteen poems in this collection which all center around the art of weaving. Is there any hobby that you have that you could write a series of poems about?Generate a list of possibilites (at least four).
2. Predict what Aneesa Lee will be like when she grows up. Will she weave as a career or hobby?What makes you think so?
3. The poem "Fruit for the Loom"uses an extended metaphor because the whole poem sticks to the comparison between yarn and what?Can you think of anything else that the poet might have used?Why do you think she picked this comparison?
Evaluate 1. Which illustration do you think best represents the poem?Why?

Which poem do you think will stay with you the longest?Why?

3. What can you learn fromAneesa Lee?
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