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Teacher's Guide
My Man BlueMy ManBlue
illustrated by Jerome Lagarrigue
Dial Books for Young Readers, 1999
ISBN: 0-8037-2326-1

Do you know anybody who is different on the inside than how they appear on the outside? Who? How are they different than they appear?
Knowledge 1. How does Damon's mom know Blue?
2. What happened to Blue's own son?
Comprehension 1. Describe Blue and Damon.
2. Explain why Blue takes such an interest in Damon's upbringing.
Application 1. How does Damon overcome fear at the park?
2. How can you overcome your own fear of something?
Analyze 1.

Who tells this story?How would it be different through the eyes of another character?

2. Examine the illustrations and then describe Damon's neighborhood. Where do you think he lives?
Synthesis 1. What do you think would happen if Zeke and Damon met?
2. If Damon were to get into trouble, who do you think would come to school?
Evaluation 1. Which poem is your favorite?Why?

Which illustration do you like best?Why?

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