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At Break ofDayAt Break of Day
illustrated by Michael Bryant
OrchardBooks/Scholastic, 2002
ISBN: 0439-35243-6

What does it mean to create? How do you create things? Why, do you think, this is important to human beings?
Knowledge 1. What does this book describe?
2. What happens next?
Comprehension 1.

Describe how stars began in this story.


Give examples as to how the Son pleased the Father.

Application 1.

Create something that would make your father or mother happy.

2. Choose your favorite page and explain why you picked it.
Analyze 1.

Outline the steps in this creation story.


Focus on the page that begins, “Five days had come and gone,” and read it aloud. How is the rhythm created in this page? How can you apply this to your own writing?

Synthesis 1. Imagine you got to see the whole world created. What would this be like?


Design a world of your own on paper.

Evaluation 1.

How would the world be different without day and night?


How would it be different without the seasons and the years?

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