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Multiple Intelligence Projects
Bronx Masquerade
Bronx Masquerade
by Nikki Grimes
Dial Books for Young Readers/PenguinPutnam, 2002
ISBN: 0-8073-2569-8
Verbal / Linguistic Write your own poem for Open Mike Friday. Review examples from the text for inspiration. One way to get started with a poem like this is to write a journal entry that focuses on one theme or experience and just see how long you can write. Then, use that as a jumping-off point and mine out rich details to start building your poem. Remember to play with the poetic elements, and refine and pare down your words until each one has maximum impact.
Logical /Mathematical Choose any two characters from the book and create a Venn diagram (two intersecting circles, where things that are similar are put into the part that overlaps.)Be sure to think about all aspects of their lives: home, family, appearances, relationships, dreams, conflicts, how others describe them, even the poetry they write.
Visual /Spatial Using any media (from crayons and oils, to charcoal and magazines)create a self-portrait. These can be abstract or realistic. When that's complete, design a paper frame to go around your portrait, and then turn them in together. Your poem and portrait will be displayed in the class unless you specifically ask for them not to be.
Body / Kinesthetic Either memorize and perform a poem from Bronx Masquerade, a HarlemRenaissance artist, or perform your own poem for our own version of Open Mike Friday!
Musical /Rhythmic

Write a brief compare/contrast essay (evenMr. Ward's students had to write essays) about lyrics and poetry. What makes them similar?How are they different?Which one, do you think, has the most influence and why? Give examples.

Group Project
In Mr. Ward's class they are studying the Harlem Renaissance. In groups of no more than five students, research an artist from that period. You must create a poster about the artist's life, a bibliography of resources (Internet acceptable, with documentation), and a brief biographical report. You must read at least two of his or her works before writing the biography, and write a journal response after reading each.There will be two grades given:an individual grade based on your journal responses, and a group grade based on peer evaluations, and the quality of your project.
Intrapersonal Write a journal reponse after Open Mike Friday. Consider the following questions as you reflect on the performances:

1. What did you learn about someone that you didn't expect?

2. Who surprised you the most?Why?

3. Whose poetry did you most admire?Why?

4. Would you want to do this again?Why or why not?
Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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