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Teacher's Guide
C is for CityC is for City
illustrated by Pat Cummings
Boyds Mills Press, 2002
ISBN: 1-59078-013-2

List the letters of the alphabet on the chalkboard and then brainstorm as many words as you can that begin with each letter. Then, circle the ones that would only be seen in a city. After that, put squares around the ones you might see in your own neighborhood. Discuss the difference.
Knowledge 1. First, without looking at the list on the last page, try to locate as many items for each letter that you can. Then, peek and see how you did.
2. Now, locate the items on the list that you missed.
Comprehension 1. Describe a city in your own words.
2. List three things that are in the book that you may not see in your own neighborhood. List three things that are the same.
Application 1. If you were going to write an ABC about your own hometown, how might you go about getting ideas for it?
2. Choose your favorite illustration from the book and explain why you picked it.
Analyze 1.

Which letters do you think would be the most difficult to find enough words for?

2. Examine the illustrations for the Q and R pages. From what view is the artist drawing the picture?How do you know?
Synthesis 1. Play Eye Spy with a friend, using the book. You know, "Ispy with my little eye, something that is brown and white and black"(the dog with the newspaper in his mouth on the "A"page).
Evaluation 1. Looking closely at each picture, decide what you think is going to happen next.

Can you find the cat on each page?Make a list of where he appears.

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