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Multiple Intelligence Projects

Shoe MagicDanitraBrown,Class Clown
illustrated by E.B.Lewis
Amistad, 2005
ISBN: 0-688-17290-3

Verbal / Linguistic

Write a poem about you and your own best friend. Although it does not have to rhyme, it does have to be about a particular time or incident between you. It should reveal something about each of you and your friendship, just as Nikki Grime does in the Danitra Brown series.

Logical /Mathematical

Create a timeline of Danitra and Zuri’s friendship using each of the three books in the series so far. Then, you can expand the timeline into the future and include events and accomplishments you think both of them will have.

Visual /Spatial

Create a memory book or scrapbook page about you and your best friend(s). You can include photocopies of your favorite pictures, tickets to movies or other events you’ve done together or anything that reminds you of him or her. Include a copy of the final draft of the poem you wrote about your friend.

Body / Kinesthetic

Make a to-do list of activities you’d like to try with your friend. Then, try to do several of them together. For example:

go horseback riding
build a fort
camp out
build a town out of boxes
create a new recipe

Musical /Rhythmic

Zuri has a solo with the glee club. Practice a song with your friend that you’d like to do as a solo or duet—maybe even try out for the talent show.


Identify the rhyme scheme for your favorite poem in the collection. Discuss how poetry and music are similar. How are they different?


Find a piece of music that you think your friend will love. Share the music and discuss your choices.


Create a thank-you note for your friend. Tell them the things that make you most thankful that they are yours. Add art and share with that special friend in your life.

Just for Fun

Create a report card for friendship. What qualities should be included? How would someone be “graded?”

Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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