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Multiple Intelligence Projects
C is for CityCome Sunday
illustrated by Michael Bryant
OrchardBooks/Scholastic, 2002
ISBN: 0439-35243-6

Verbal / Linguistic

Define the following vocabulary words: sanctuary, gallery, communion, ushers, alter, deacons. Then, if you like, add a few vocabulary words from your own traditions.

Logical /Mathematical

Most major religions of the world expect their followers to donate (or tithe) a portion of their wealth to the poor. Research several major religions and see if they have similar expectations. Then, calculate how much yearly that could add up to in the average salary you hope to have.

Visual /Spatial

Many religious places of worship feature murals where the lives of the leaders of their church are depicted. Create a mural about a person who is important to you.

Musical /Rhythmic

Listen to a variety of music from various religious traditions. Here are a few websites to start you off:

Native American music:

Music from Tibet (on this site, click on green squares to hear a sample):

Great site explaining differences between Western music and Islamic:

Terrific jumping off point for a wide variety of music, world over:


Group Project: In small groups, research one of the major religions of the world. The group must produce a poster with the following information: approximate number of members worldwide and where they're located, major documents used in the religion, holidays celebrated, special dress or food that is required as part of being a follower, major leaders in the religion.


Write a letter to yourself to be opened in ten years. In it, define for yourself your own beliefs and goals for your life. Seal it!

Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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