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Teacher's Guide
Come SundayCome Sunday
illustrated by Michael Bryant
OrchardBooks/Scholastic, 2002
ISBN: 0439-35243-6

Read Come Sunday aloud to the children.

Then, discuss some of these questions:

1. What is your favorite part of church?

2. Compare our church to Paradise Baptist.

3. Who is your favorite character in the bible?

4. Why do we place an offering at church?

5. Would anybody like to share their bedtime prayer?


Make biblical trading cards based on your favorite character from the book. Write down facts about the person on one side, and draw a picture on the other.

Plan a potluck dinner of kids’ favorite food to share. Have children sign up to bring their favorite dish (with the recipe maybe) and share at your next meeting.

Send home a note with children asking that each family write down their favorite bedtime prayer. (Or, find examples of some and provide for the families). Then, have children make posters of their favorite prayer to hang above their beds and to remind them they are always loved.

Collect pamphlets from charitable organizations (perhaps some from your church itself) or ask people who head up service committees to come in and speak to your Sunday School group. Kids then vote on which service they want to sponsor for the year with their tithing. Have the children plan one fundraising event themselves (if you’re brave). Perhaps a toy sale or bake sale, something they can really get involved in.

Blessings box: Have children write down things they are thankful for each week as they come into class (or write it for them) and slip it into the blessings box. Share at the end of your time together as a closing activity.

Craft: To celebrate baptisms, give each child a bar of inexpensive soap to "carve" with a plastic knife. Talk about the symbols of the church and let them choose what shape to create their message. Talk about how baptism cleanses us with forgiveness.
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