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Teacher's Guide
Talkin' About BessieCome Sunday
illustrated by Michael Bryant
OrchardBooks/Scholastic, 2002
ISBN: 0439-35243-6

Talk about what people do on Sundays. What types of churches are there? How many religions do you think there are in the world?
ComprehensionGuide /Quiz Questions
Knowledge 1. Who are the blue-haired ladies and what do they do?
2. Describe the hats the narrator sees.
Comprehend 1. Retell the key events at church.
2. Describe the music at Paradise Baptist Church.
Application 1. Write a poem about your own Sunday mornings.
2. Interview someone in your family about their religious traditions.
Analyze 1.

What do you think is the narrator's favorite part of church? What makes you think so?

Synthesize 1. What dish would your family take to the Church supper?
2. Predict whether the narrator will take her own children someday to Paradise Baptist. What makes you think so or not?
Evaluate 1. Which poem is your favorite? Why?

Which illustration is your favorite? Why?

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