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Multiple Intelligence Projects
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A Dime a Dozen
illustrated by Angelo
Dial Books for Young Readers, 1998
ISBN: 0-803-72227-3

Verbal / Linguistic Write a poem about a member of your family. Learn from Ms.Grimes' excellent example! Don't just TELLus about the person. SHOWus. Like a photograph made of words:a single moment that captures an aspect of your relationship. Be sure to write at least three (yes, THREE) drafts of the poem with significant changes shown through each metamorphosis! Experiment with line, rhythm, rhyme (though it is not necessary), and form.Re-read A Dime a Dozen for inspiration.
Logical /Mathematical Fill out the character form (click here for the form) on A Dime a Dozen or create a chart of your own that reveals aspects of this feisty writer.
Visual /Spatial Create an inspirational poster for a dream that you want to pursue. It can be completed in any medium (collage, paint, even sculpture) but it must somehow remind you of your goal. After the art is complete, write a short essay about what it means to you and where you will keep it to inspire you.
Body / Kinesthetic Play A Dime a Dozen charades. Make slips of paper with these scenes on them and then ONEperson acts them out while the others call out the name of the poem.

Hopscotch with dad ("Hopscotch")
Cooking chop-chop with Grandma ("The Last Word")
Waking up sister to read to her a new poem ("Genius")
Playing cards with mom ("Gin Rummy")
Walking ahead of mom ("Stroll")

- or -

In pairs write a reader's theater script to go with one of the poems. At the end of your scene, read the poem aloud to the class.
Musical /Rhythmic

Read "Music Lesson"and "Hair Prayer."Notice the use of rhythm (and rhyme). Create a musical accompaniment for the two pieces using instruments (or electronic devices) that enhance the musical quality of these two poems. Perform. This can be a small group project, and can be submitted in an electronic format.

Interpersonal Research a career that you are interested in pursuing (or just exploring). Create a report about the following aspects of that position, and use the most compelling information to create a poster of your findings:education required, job responsibilities and function, area of the country where the position is most needed, skills and abilities, and salary (both starting and potential). (a great bulletin board or hallway display)
Intrapersonal Create a timeline of your life but extend it past the present into the future where you show the dates you meet the steps in achieving your goal.BeSPECIFIC! Think about both professional and personal goals. Remember to show your altruistic side when you make it BIG!
Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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