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Teacher's Guide
Jazmin's NotebookJazmin's Notebook
by Nikki Grimes
Dial Books for Young Readers, 1998
ISBN: 0-8037-2224-9

Where do you go when you want to get your thoughts together?What do you do when you want to be sure there is a way to preserve a memory?

Prediction Guide
Make educated guesses as to what might happen after each section in the story. Remember that being "right" isn't important. (After all, what fun would reading be if you always knew the ending?) These questions will help guide your comprehension and help you to make educated guesses about a character based on clues.
After reading the notebook entry described, stop and answer the questions before continuing to do the next section.
After June 10
1. Which people described so far in the novel willJazmin keep in her life?What makes you think so?
2. How will Jazmin "treat each thing as if it's gossamer, or mist," in her daily life?
After September 21
1. What do you think CeCe will do if Jazmin tells her about MissLillian Wise's recommendations?
2. Who will Jazmin turn to the next time she needs advice about college?
After October 20
1. Do you think Destinee or Jazmin will ever return to Carlton's apartment?Will they ever skip school again?What makes you think so or not?
2. Do you think Jazmin would like a babysitting job?Why or why not?
After November 11
1. Do you think Brenda will ever intimidate Jazmin again?
2. Who is Jazmin turning out to be most like, her mother, father, or sister?What makes you think so?
3. Will Jazmin ever go see her mother?Why or why not?
After January 29
1. Look into Jazmin's future.What do you see in ten years?In twenty?
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