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A Brief List of K-6 Poetry Titles
Recommended by Nikki Grimes
African-American All the Colors of the Race, Arnold Adoff
Sing to the Sun, Ashley Bryan
Pass It On, Wade Hudson, ed.
Gingerbread Days, Joyce Carol Thomas
Daydreamers, Eloise Greenfield.
Animals The Originals, Jane Yolen
Advice for a Frog, Alice Schertle
The Beauty of the Beast, ed. by Jack Prelutsky
Bird Watch, Jane Yolen
On the Wing, Douglas Florian
Antarctic Antics, Judy Sierra
Joyful Noise, Poems for Two Voices, Paul Fleischman
Zoo Doings and Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast, Jack Prelutsky.
Asian/Asian-American Maples in the Mist, Minfong Ho, translator
This Same Sky, Naomi Shihab Nye, ed.
Good Luck Gold and A Suitcase of Seaweed, Janet Wong.
Earth & General Science Old Elm Speaks, Kristine O'Connell George
Cactus Poems, Frank Asch
Star Walk, Seymour Simon
A Circle of Seasons, Myra Cohn Livingston
Echoes for the Eye, Barbara Juster Esbensen.
Environment Sawgrass Poems: a View of the Everglades, Frank Asch
Pond Seasons, Sue Anderson
The Big Sky, Pat Mora
Water Music, Jane Yolen.
Family Brown Honey & Broomwheat Tea, Joyce Carol Thomas
Been to Yesterdays, Lee Bennett Hopkins
Nathaniel Talking, Eloise Greenfield
Rainbow Hands, Janet Wong
Daddy Calls Me Man, Angela Johnson
I Am Tall, illus. by Javaka Steptoe
Stepping Out with Grandma Mac and A Dime A Dozen, Nikki Grimes.
Fantasy The Dragons Are Singing Tonight
The Gargoyles on the Roof, Jack Prelutsky.
Food Food Fight, Michael Rosen, ed.
Eats, Arnold Adoff
Friendship Very Best (Almost) Friends, Paul B. Janeczko, ed.
Meet Danitra Brown, Danitra Brown Leaves Town, NikkiGrimes
My Man Blue by Nikki Grimes.
General Book, Kristine O'Connell George
Salting the Ocean and Come With Me by Naomi Shihab Nye
Pieces, Anna Grossnickle Hines.
Hispanic-American Confetti, Pat Mora
A Fire in My Hands, Gary Soto
Sol a Sol, Lori Marie Carlson, ed.
Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems On Growing Up in the United States, Lori M. Carlson, ed.
Holidays (General) Wild, Wild Bells, Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed.
Indigenous American Shaman's Circle, Nancy Wood
Songs Are Thoughts: Poems of the Inuit, Neil Philip, ed.
Loss Stopping for Death, Carol Ann Duffy, ed.
Math Marvelous Math, Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed
Counting on the Woods, George Ella Lyon
Music and Dance Call Down the Moon, Myra Cohn Livingston, ed
I Live in Music, Ntozake Shange
Song and Dance, Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed.
Pets Cat Up a Tree, Anne Isaacs
I Am the Cat, Alice Schertle
Little Dog Poems, Kristine O'Connell George
Weird Pet Poems, Dilys Evans, ed.
Prayer and Church Life All God's Children, Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed.
When Daddy Prays, From a Child's Heart
Come Sunday, Nikki Grimes.
The Sea Sea Watch, Jane Yolen
Until I Saw the Sea, ed. by Alison Shaw
Out of the Ocean, Debra Frasier
In the Swim, Douglas Florian.
Sports Extra Innings: Baseball Poems, Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed.
Red Dog Blue Fly: Football Poems, Sharon Bell Mathis
Dreams of Glory: Poems Starring Girls, Isabel J. Glaser, ed.
Slam Dunk: Basketball Poems, Lillian Morrison, editor.
Urban Life Street Music, Arnold Adoff
Inner City Mother Goose, Eve Merriam
Sky Scrape/City Scape, Jane Yolen, ed.
Good Rhymes, Good Times, Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed.
Night on Neighborhood Street, Eloise Greenfield
Neighborhood Odes, Gary Soto.
Valentine's Day Love Letters, Arnold Adoff
Honey I Love, Eloise Greenfield
Hopscotch Love, Nikki Grimes.

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