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Multiple Intelligence Projects
Shoe MagicShoe Magic
illustrated by Terry Widener
Orchard Books/Scholastic, 2000
ISBN: 0-531-33286-1
Verbal / Linguistic Write a detailed description of a shoe in the classroom, but don't reveal whose it is! Then, see if your classmates can guess the owner by your good writing! (If you're feeling brave you could have each student donate one shoe to line up across the front of the classroom for easy viewing.)
Logical /Mathematical The average running shoe lasts about 500 miles. If you run five miles three times a week, how many times a year will you need to buy new shoes?What if you up your distance to 10 miles?15?

Choose six of the following (or make a list of your own) shoes and compare the average prices: ballet shoes, hiking boots, running shoes, ice skates, sandals, scuba fins.Graph the results. (Or, students could graph the results of a favorite shoe survey). Use the graph below, or create your own.
Visual /Spatial Cut out a piece of construction or other paper in the shape of your favorite kind of shoe. Then, inside the shoe write a brief poem about your dreams you hope to enact in them. Haiku may be an idea option!
Body / Kinesthetic Transfer the brainstormed list of shoes from the pre-reading activity to index cards or scraps of paper.Then, have students play charades as to the type of shoes they are "wearing."
Musical /Rhythmic

As the teacher reads aloud the poems, have the students lightly (demonstrate with the tips of the fingers on your desk) tap out the rhythm of the poem. For older students, discuss the stressed and unstressed syllables. For an experiment on rhythm, choose any end word, and look up a synonym to replace it with. Then, re-read the piece with the new word. Discuss whether it makes the rhythm clunky or not, and why.

Intrapersonal Have students choose a shoe that they would put in a time capsule to represent them right now.Write a journal about how they think they'll be different in ten years.If possible, take a digital picture of each student with his or her favorite shoe. Keep the photo with the journal for future reference!
Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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