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Teacher's Guide
Shoe MagicShoe Magic
illustrated by Terry Widener
Orchard Books/Scholastic, 2000
ISBN: 0-531-33286-1

Brainstorm a list of all the shoes that you can. Then, decide all the different ways that the shoes could be classified: color, style, function, price, season, etc. Talk about how a shoe could represent a person's dream for the future.
Knowledge 1. How many different kinds of shoes are written about in Shoe Magic?
2. When the author writes, "Who you grow / Up to be / Depends on / Thesteps you take."Is she only talking about shoes?Why or why not?
Comprehend 1. Whose shoes in the collection represent their dreams for the future?
2. Which shoes are just for fun?
Application 1. Predict who is most likely to reach their dream in their shoes. Explain why you think so.
2. Ask your parents how their shoes tell about the kind of job they do. Share what you found out in a brief journal.
Analyze 1.

Compare "Soft Soles"to "Running Shoes."How are they alike?How different?

2. Which illustration is your favorite?Why?
3. Which poem most reminds you of you?Why?
Synthesize 1. Invent a shoe for a job on Mars.What would the job be?How would the shoe help the wearer?
2. Discuss whose shoes are most important for the wearer's success. Take a survey.
Evaluate 1. Decide which character needs a new pair of shoes most. Why do you think so?Defend your answer!

Make a list of all the similes in the book. Then, decide which one is your favorite.

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