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Multiple Intelligence Projects
Stepping Out with Grandma Mac

Stepping Out With Grandma Mac
illustrated by Angelo
Orchard Books/Scholastic, 2001
ISBN: 0-531-30320-9
Verbal / Linguistic Write a poem about your own grandparent (or person who functions as one). Be sure to use details that give insight into the whole person. First, you might want to write a long journal about that person and focus on one event that you shared together. Then, choose your favorite phrases, and pare it down into a poem. Revise and be sure to use at least one poetic element!
Logical /Mathematical Using two intersecting shapes, compare and contrast Grandma Mac and her granddaughter. Where the two shapes meet, put everything that the two have in common, in the other parts what makes them different.
Visual /Spatial Fold a large sheet of construction paper in half. On one side create a collage that represents your relationship with the person you wrote the poem about. You can use any materials that you like: magazines, ticket stubs, fabric, paints (you might want to ask your grandparent if they have anything to add.)Mount the poem next to the collage and tie with a fancy ribbon or grommet. This makes a terrific Grandparent's Day gift!
Body / Kinesthetic In pairs, act out a scene from the book. Or, write a dialogue scene between you and your grandparent and act that out instead.
Musical /Rhythmic

Research the music of your grandparent's generation. Have them pick out (if possible) their three favorite tunes for you to listen to. Write down the titles and the artists, and then write a brief journal about the music and what you thought. Compare and contrast it to the music you listen to today.

Interpersonal Write a letter to that special person telling them all the favorite things you love to do together. Be specific! And, remember to say thank you. Don't forget to send it!
Intrapersonal Write a letter to yourself about the kind of grandparent you want to be. Think about not only the fun things you want to do with your grandkids (list those too!) but also what you want to teach them. Then, seal the envelope and have your parent store it with your report cards for safekeeping.
Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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