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Teacher's Guide
Stepping Out with Grandma MacStepping Out with Grandma Mac
illustrated by Angelo
Orchard Books/Scholastic, 2001
ISBN: 0-531-30320-9

Talk about grandparents (or the people in their life who act as one), focusing on the things they do together. It's a good chance to talk about stereotypes, too. Discuss how their grandparents do or do not match with these stereotypes.
Knowledge 1. Find two quotes from the book. One that best represents Grandma Mac, and one for the narrator.
2. Describe both characters in your own words.
Comprehend 1. Give examples of how Grandma Mac shows her love for her granddaughter.
2. Discuss why Grandma Mac's words sometimes make the narrator feel like "There are teeth marks / In my heart?"
Application 1. Re-read your favorite poem, and explain why you picked it.
2. Predict what kind of Grandma the narrator will be when it is her turn.
Analyze 1.

Define the following poetic terms: simile, alliteration, rhyme, and personification.

2. Find examples from the text of each.
Synthesize 1. Compare the poems "SharpTongue" to "Radio City."What details give you the clearest picture about Grandma Mac?
2. Why did the author decide to show both the negative and positive aspects of life with Grandma Mac?
Evaluate 1. Study the illustration in the book. Decide why the illustrator chose the items he did to represent the poem. Are they the same items you would have drawn?Why or why not?

Select one poem and identify all the poetic elements that you defined before.

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