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Multiple Intelligence Projects
Shoe MagicTai ChiMorning
illustrated by Ed Young
Cricket Books, 2004
ISBN: 0-8126-2707-5
Verbal / Linguistic Keep a journal of what you see in your own neighborhood, school, or town for an entire week and try to see it like a tourist or foreigner would. Take notes like a journalist. Take snapshots of things you usually don’t notice. Then, write at least two poems gleaned from your work.
Keep a travelogue for a dream trip. Write about the transportation, food, the people you encounter and describe the settings. Write a couple of poems about what you learned. [You will probably need to do research to make this authentic!]
Logical /Mathematical Travel math. Plan a trip to your dream destination- and find out how much it will cost you to do so! Research discount airlines, find hotels in the city of your choice and estimate the costs for food and souvenirs. Create an invoice of prices and get a grand total. Then, figure out how many hours of babysitting, lawn care, or odd jobs it would take to make the trip happen.
Visual /Spatial Create illustrations for your journal above. You can use a mix of media- like pencil drawings and photographs- even ticket stubs and pictures from magazines. Use a variety of papers (old grocery bags, for example, have a great texture) and lay out a couple of pages for a scrapbook
Body / Kinesthetic Take a Tai Chi class (or rent a video). Explore this ancient art and exercise, then write a journal about what you learned and thought of the experience.
Musical /Rhythmic

As the teacher reads aloud the poems, have the students lightly Explore traditional Chinese music and instruments on the web at this site:

Compare it to traditional music from your own culture. How are the rhythms, instrumentation, and harmonies similar? How are they different?

Interpersonal / Cooperative Learning Activity In small groups explore one of these topics and report your findings to the class with a ten minute presentation, a poster, and a brief news report that you file (like a CNN news report).

United States trade with China
Tiananmen Square
Working conditions in China
Population control in China
Forbidden City
Dynastic Rule of China
Communism and China
China and human rights

Intrapersonal Write an opinion paragraph based on your study of China. Your opinion doesn’t matter as much as your ability to express it well with facts and examples backing up your ideas.
Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit this site and find more.

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