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Teacher's Guide
Aneesa Lee and the Weaver's GiftTaiChiMorning
by Nikki Grimes; illustrated by Ed Young
Cricket Books, April 2004
ISBN: 0-8126-2707-5

Have students find China on a world map. Discuss the longest trip they’ve ever taken. Why do people travel? How can they remember everything they see? Where would you like to travel? Why?
Knowledge 1. Describe some of the people that Nikki Grimes sees on her journey.
2. What things remind her of the United States?
Comprehension 1. What do you think was the most surprising thing on the journey? What would it have been for you?
2. Do the poems reflect more on people or on places? Why do you think so?
Application 1. Ms. Grimes talks about how they were lucky to get to go into the interior—Hohhot—find out if Americans can still go see this part of the country today.
2. Research the events of Tiananmen Square that Ms. Grimes refers to in her journal and poem from that location.
Analyze 1.

What poetic techniques does Ms. Grimes use to express herself in the poems? Find examples of: simile, personification, rhyme, rhythm, mask.

2. Re-read and compare the poems that focus on Chinese Women. How do these poems create a portrait? What does the portrait reveal?
Synthesize 1. Imagine you were joining Ms. Grimes on her journey. What would you want to take with you to preserve memories? What would you take pictures of?
2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
Evaluate 1. Which illustration is your favorite in the collection? Why?

Which poem is your favorite in the collection? Why?

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