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Multiple Intelligence Projects

Thanks a MillionThanks a Million
by Nikki Grimes
illustrated byCozbi A.Cabrera
Greenwillow/Amistad, 2006
ISBN: 0-68817-292-X

Verbal / Linguistic

Write a letter poem to someone you are grateful for (reread “Dear Teacher” and “Dear Author” for examples). Copy the poem in a Thank You card and deliver it!

Visual /Spatial

Create a rebus card for someone special. You can create the images yourself or cut them out of old magazines.

Logical /Mathematical

You want to bake cookies to say thank you to your friends on the soccer team for having a great season. Can you figure out these math problems?

First, each box of brownies will make 20. There are 22 kids on your team. How many boxes will you need? Can each kid have two brownies? How many leftovers will there be? What if you share with the other team you’re playing on Saturday that has 18 players? How many boxes do you need now?

Second, you decide to sell brownies and donate the money to the homeless shelter. You can sell each brownie for .75 cents. If you use four boxes of brownies how much money will you donate? What if you have to buy more eggs for your mom at 2.25 a dozen first? What if you make ten boxes of brownies?

Third, you want to make brownies for the elderly grandparents who live in the rest home with your great grandma. You also decide to create each one a card. If there are fifty residents in the home how many boxes of brownie mix do you need? If one piece of paper can make two cards how many pages should you count out? If each box of brownies needs three eggs how many dozen should you buy?

- or -

Interview family and friends about what they are most grateful for. Graph your answers on this chart!

Drama / Kinesthetic

Learn the American Sign Language words for “Thank You,” “Please,” “What is your name?” and “You’re welcome.”


Cut out a piece of regular plain paper into strips and then tape or glue them together into a long banner. Write (or draw) pictures of all the things you’re thankful for. Roll it up and keep near your bed (or in your desk or locker). Whenever you’re having a bad day remember all the blessings you have!


Thank You Surprises: Create cards, letters, postcards or even small homemade gifts (or unexpected acts) and leave them for people who you appreciate but don’t often tell. As a class, brainstorm a list of things you can do for others like washing dishes, dusting, or sweeping the walkway which are free but would make someone very happy!

Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit this site and find more.

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