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Comprehension Guide / Quiz Questions
Danitra BrownLeaves Town
Danitra BrownLeavesTown
by Nikki Grimes
Illustrated by Floyd Cooper
HarperCollins, 2002
ISBN: 0-688-13155-7
Pre-Reading Activity Brainstorm a list of things that people do in the summer. Think about places, activities, sports, etc.
Knowledge 1. Describe Danitra's summer.
2. Describe Zuri's summer.
Comprehension 1. Explain why Zuri is sad at the beginning of the collection.
2. Give examples of how the girls show their friendship even though they are apart.
Application 1. Write five interview questions for each girl about her summer.
2. Draw a scene from the story.
Analyze 1.

Examine the faces of Danitra and Zuri throughout the book. Does one look happer than the other?Why do you think so or not?

2. Survey and graph your friends' favorite spots for summer vacations.
Synthesis 1. How would you feel in Zuri's place?What about Danitra?
2. Describe a plan for a perfect summer vacation.
Evaluation 1. Which poem is your favorite?Why?

Which illustration is your favorite?Why?

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