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Multiple Intelligence Projects
Danitra BrownLeaves Town

Danitra Brown LeavesTown
illustrated by Floyd Cooper
HarperCollins, 2002
ISBN: 0-688-13155-7

Verbal / Linguistic Write three letter poems about your own summer, or your favorite season. Be sure to revise by incorporating at least one simile, one personification, and one alliteration!
Logical /Mathematical Create a Venn diagram (intersecting shapes where the things that are in common are listed where the two meet) comparing and contrasting Danitra and Zuri.
Visual /Spatial Artists and poets both carefully choose a palette to depict tone and mood for a piece. Poets do this with words, artists with color. Choose a favorite poem fromDanitra (or use one of your own) and then copy it into a plain piece of paper cut like an artist's palette. Then, mix a variety of shades of color which you think would best represent the tone of the poem, and make small pools of color around the edge of the palette and your poem. (This makes a fabulous bulletin board!)
Body / Kinesthetic Re-read the poem, "Big Plans."Then, brainstorm a list of things that you would like to do with your vacation. After that, make plans to do at least two things on the list regardless of the season! You may even want to have a summer event in mid-winter to lift everyone's spirits.
Musical /Rhythmic

Re-read "Block Party" and then write a similar poem about the music that you listen to and how it makes you feel. Be sure to read the poem aloud several times so that it has a good rhythm and is smooth.

Interpersonal Write at least five letters—two of which should be mailed. Bring in your letters (and for complete credit your addressed envelopes with stamps) to prove you have completed the assignment. Don't worry—your teacher will just check that you have completed the work; she won't actually read your letters!
Intrapersonal Re-read the poem, "DreamPlaces,"and then write a travel guide for a place that you would like to visit one day. Be sure to include as much detail (and illustrations) as possible.
Teacher's Guide prepared by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Visit her website by clicking here.

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